• Ingrid Floored in FDC EALA Primaries

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    Ingrid Turinawe was defeated in the FDC Primaries

    • Nixon Segawa
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    Forum for Democratic Change Monday afternoon conducted its primaries for the representative to the East African Legislative Assembly.

    The exercise which started in the morning with intense campaigning from various candidates proceeded to the ballot in the afternoon with 9 candidates battling for the single slot.

    In the evening as the results came, Florence Ekwau was declared winner and will be facing other opposition nominees at Parliament.

    The opposition parties represented in Parliament are expected to compete for only two out of the nine seats available for Uganda at the regional parliament in Arusha.

    Mrs Ekwau who polled 20 votes beat the rest of the contenders including FDC’s Chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe who managed two less.

    Others in the race included Innocent Ayo (6), Patrick Bagima (7), Wilberforce Kyambadde (4) Herbert Mayemba (0), Augustine Ojobile (0), Gloria Paga (5), and Joseph Tindyebwa who managed only 2 votes.

    Commenting on the, elections results, Mrs Ingrid said this wasn’t the end. She however urged party MPs to push in parliament for FDC to be allocated another slot at EALA considering its numbers in the house.

    She noted that there is still time to achieve this by the MPs, stressing the NRM, which is pushing for 6 positions, should not be allowed to decide on everything.

    In November 2015, Mrs Turinawe was beaten by Roland Kaginda in the opposition party’s primary elections where she was running for Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament.

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