• New UPDF Commissar Condemns Political Minded Church Leaders

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    UPDF Political Commissar Brigadier Henry Matsiko

    • Godfrey Tugume
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    Brigadier Henry Matsiko, the newly appointed UPDF Chief Political Commissar has attacked local  religious leaders in Kigezi for neglecting their role of serving God, to become politicians.

    Brig. Henry Matsiko told Chimpreports in an interview that local church leaders had neglected their cardinal role of preaching the Gospel and helping sensitize communities to “go wasting time in politicking.”

    Brig. Matsiko cited Rev.Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda the Parish Priest for Kitanga Catholic Parish in Kabale diocese; who he said at times “goes astray.”

    He noted that the priest was recently moving around the diocese displaying photos of dead bodies of people purportedly murdered in last year’s Kasese clashes, which he said was not only divisive but also dangerously unwarranted from a church leader.

    On hearing these accusations, Fr Gaetano shot back, stressing that Matsiko has never done anything developmental to the people of Kigezi or anything visible to Rukiga County in Kabale district where he comes from.

    Rev. Gaetano explained that as a servant of God he has been transforming the community especially in Kabale district and Kigezi sub region by establishing institutions and projects like St. Cleria Nursery and Primary school and he is one of the leading tea growers, employing scores of workers.

    The man of God demanded that Brig. Henry Matsiko apologizes to him and the Inter-Religious

    council of Kigezi for such statements.

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