• Lukwago to Mao: Swallow Your Pride and Call for Help

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago says the Opposition DP needs help

    • Pamela Amia
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    The Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has advised the President of the opposition Democratic Party, Norbert Mao to “swallow his pride and call for help” from elders and opinion leaders before the Party is dragged down with him.

    Lukwago said he does not envy the party president's position but he must admit the party is facing a difficult situation and that it will only take more than one person to revive it.

    “Events unfolding in our party are unfortunate, very painful and l would be a sadist if I was celebrating,” he said. “The situation requires an intervention before it’s too late”

    The Kampala Lord Mayor was speaking in light of Mao’s recent decision to appoint a new Permanent Secretary Gerald Siranda without the involvement of the National Council, and most recently the resignation of the Party Chairman Muhammad Kezaala Baswale to take on an ambassadorial role offered by President Yoweri Museveni.

    “This is a disgrace. I can assure you that he (Museveni) is all out to finish all opposition political parties; look at what he did to UPC. This is what Mao must stand up and seek help to guard out party against.”

    The mayor also expressed disappointment in the party’s decision to ring fence its slots for the EALA, noting that DP was a “sinking ship.”

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