• Nothing to Celebrate About Liberation Day, Says Besigye

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    Dr Kizza Besigye

    • Kenneth Kazibwe
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    Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has downplayed the significance of celebrating the January 26.

    Tomorrow, Thursday, the country will celebrate the day that the current regime seized power in 1986, with the main celebrations to be held in Masindi district.

    However, former NRA bush fighter, Dr. Besigye says the values they fought for have been watered down by President Museveni's government.

    "The half a million people who died during the war in Luweero seem to have died for nothing, "Besigye told journalists on Wednesday.

    "There is really nothing to celebrate home about."

    The opposition strongman said the bush war was triggered by the rigging of votes; which rigging has continued to this date.

    "Thirty one years now and people are continuing to wallow in poverty. Others die of hunger whereas access to medical care is still a problem."

    He retorted, "When a simple project is put up, they jubilate and clap terming it as steady progress. There is nothing to talk home about."

    Besigye said that it beats his understanding when the country after over 50 years of independence is still grappling with a poor education system and infrastructure.

    According to the four time presidential candidate, the people whose blood was shed to liberate the country have not achieved their goal.

    "I was arrested , tortured and nearly killed but 31 years since that time, nothing much has changed," Besigye.

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