• Isingiro: Locals Celebrate Transfer of Town Clerk

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    Drivers and other businessmen in Isingiro yesterday celebrated the transfer of Town Clerk Richard Mugisha.

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    The business community in the western Isingiro town yesterday broke into celebration on hearing the transfer of their Town Clerk Richard Mugisha.

    Drivers, landlords, traders and district councilors in Isingiro town council ( Kabingo) roasted meat and celebrated upon hearing the news of the transfer.

    Mugisha was being accused of stifling businesses in the town council by meddling in tender awards and taxation, and was also accused of selling town council land.

    [caption id="attachment_118854" align="aligncenter" width="567"]Locals held a party in celebration Locals held a party in celebration[/caption]

    Councilor Emmanuel Byaruhanga who attended the party told Chimpreports that since 2002, the town clerk has been a disaster to the town council, only known of corruption and misuse of office.

    He said that locals petitioned to the chairman LC V Jeremiah Kamurari about Mugisha and together with the CAO Bernard Ochaya, they planned the riddance of the Clerk.

    The clerk is said to have sold up to 60 hectares of council land and blocked numerous constructions of buildings in Isingiro.

    Mugisha reportedly pleaded to be given two more years, but he was nonetheless moved to Kaberebere town council and replaced by one only identified as Karanzi from Kabuyanda town council.

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