• Ibanda Councilors Shun District Meetings Over Plastic Chairs

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    Ibanda district councilors want to be provided with better seats for heir meetings

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    Councilors in Ibanda district have put the district leadership on notice, demanding the immediate procurement of “new and better seats” for the council.

    In the council meeting that was held at the district council hall at the district headquarters, councilors demanded that the Chief Administrative Officer and chairman provide them with nicer chairs, or they would not attend any more of the sittings.

    Speaking angrily during this week’s meeting, the district council for Kashangura sub-county Godfrey Kamagara said they had grown tired of “sitting on funeral chairs,” while deliberating matters to take the district forward.

    Kamagara who was backed by fellow councilors warned that if they weren’t provided with better chairs they would shun the next sessions.

    In response, the district chairman Melichiadis Kazwengye told them to be patient as the district prepares to get money to deal with this challenge, which he said he was no aware of.

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