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Election 2016

Muntu Warns that Uganda Could Degenerate into a Terror Run State

Following the dreadful killing of the former Assistant Inspector General of Police AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi along with his bodyguard and driver in Kampala a week ago which has sparked off a debate on the state of Ugandas security FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned that Uganda is at the brink of degenerating into a state of terror.The former army commander raised concern over the recent upward trend of assassinations of high profile individuals in Uganda which he said should be nipped i....More
  • March 24th, 2017
  • |   Politics
Candidate quotes
“I am not going anywhere until this country is completely secured. These self-seekers are saying agende (he must go). I can’t hand over the running of this country to wolves. They will divide this country and bring confusion here. I am still here. I will not go,”- President Yoweri Museveni-Jan 15, 2015
You are the people who pay for his (Museveni) convoy’s facilitation. He is a guardian of your riches so he should be kneeling before you instead of you doing the opposite but that happens because you don’t know your rights- Kizza Besigye

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