DP Youth Petition TDA over Presidential Flag Bearer Selection Process

Kabale chief magistrate Agatonica Mbabazi Ahimbisibwe has canceled bail for four opposition leaders including FDC presidential flag bearer Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and issued warrant of arrest, ed following their failure to appear in her court for the fifth time.

Dr Besigye, dosage Kawempe division Mayor Mubarak Sseruga Munyagwa, Ingrid Turinawe Kamateneti and Kamapa Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago are accused of inciting violence in Kabale at a rally back in July 2012.

The 4GC rally in Kabale municipal stadium ended in running battles between police and the locals in which four police officers were injured and Police vehicles damaged.

State attorney Batson Baguma told court that his team was ready to proceed with the case but for the last five times the opposition leaders failed to show up, thus asking the trial magistrate to issue a warrant of arrest for them.

Her worship Mbabazi ordered the arrest of the four politicians and their sureties who include Dr. Pius Ruhemurana the Kabale mayor, Lydia Turyahumura the Kabale FDC boss, Sentaro Byamugisha, Leopold Twesigye, Arthur Ruhimba and Julius Tituryebwa.


Just hours after the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) youths petitioned their party leadership to withdraw from The Democratic Alliance (TDA), drug the Democratic Party (DP) youth have also petitioned TDA questioning the presidential flag bearer selection process.

The DP youth believe that there is lack of transparency in the selection of TDA flag bearer alleging that there might be an invisible hand behind the selection which might end up in favor of that person.


“On this note, medical TDA presidential flag bearer selection process should not be limited to a handful of people because we are selecting a president to redeem Uganda from a cannibalistic regime not a parish chief, price ” stressed DP Youth leader, Paul Ssembajjwe at DP headquarters in Kampala.

Ssembajjwe in company of other party youth members observed that the process should be more involving, consultative where all Ugandans have the opportunity to contribute using different platforms.

“As DP youth, we demand that all the presidential candidates should address a live TV debate to address the country on the issues of the economy, security, employment, health, agriculture, administration, foreign policy and development cooperation as a way of sharing to the wider Ugandan community their strategy of delivering them,” Ssembajjwe insisted.

Ssembajjwe added that on top of this, candidates should go across all the regions to hold debates and interface with the people on the ground.

“As DP youth we offer ourselves to organize and mobilize for these debates rather than hiding the process from Ugandans. We finally pledge our support towards TDA to ensure that it does stand strong despite the many storms that it faces currently.”

“We know that there is an invisible hand of the regime which is working day and night to see that TDA is no more. As the youth of the party, we believe that TDA is built on fundamental principles under the protocol and not built around individuals. All members must put aside their individual interest but rather put a head the interest of our beloved party.”

Reports indicate that it was earlier programmed that TDA would hold a live debate on NTV but under unclear circumstances, the debate was called off which angered some of the summit members.

TDA is headed for retreat where it is expected to come up with a joint flag bearer before next week.



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