Did Museveni’s Private Secretary Flee State House?

Intense fighting between rebels loyal to in-coming Vice President Riek Machar and government forces occurred Tuesday in Nasir, visit this http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-content/plugins/thrive-leads/editor-templates/widget/38_set.php leaving a trail of destruction of lives and property.

The cause of the fighting at Ketbek Payam remains unclear amid counter accusations of provocation.

However, side effects http://clintonhouse.com/wp-includes/option.php rebels claim that government soldiers attempted to defect to Machar’s camp, cheap http://chrisroberson.net/wp-admin/includes/comment.php a move that met stiff resistance from their SPLA colleagues.

“Some SPLA soldiers in Nasir town defected to SPLA-IO. They were hunted toward the position of the SPLA-IO, 10kms East of Nasir Town,” SPLA-IO, Spokesperson, Col. William Gatjiath Deng told ChimpReports on Wednesday morning.

“While the Government forces attacked our position in Ketbek, they simultaneously shelled our controlled areas i.e., Pandanyang, Torpuot and Nyatot Payams on Eastern banks of the Sobat River,” he further alleged.

“The government forces were encountered and repulsed back to their barracks and inflicted heavily casualties.”

Defence officials dismissed the rebels’ accusations as untrue, saying SPLA acted in defence following attacks from the insurgents.

Meanwhile, the rebels’ spokesperson said they received reports that government forces are planning to carry out attacks in Southern area of Koch County in Unity State.

“In case of any eventualities, our forces will remain vigilant and will only act for self-defence,” said Col. Deng.

Fighting in South Sudan since 2013 has pushed the country to the edge of destruction.

Efforts to resolve the political differences between Machar and President Salva Kiir are yet to bear fruit.

Machar and a contingent of highly trained commando guard are expected in Juba in the near future as part of a peace agreement signed by government and the rebels.
To many Ugandans, website http://coffinpump.com/wp-includes/ms-deprecated.php State House is the country’s paradise and a dream work place.

But as the English saying goes “not all that glitters is gold” – the flowery number one office is as well full of thorns.

The latest reaching our desk is that three powerful ladies around President Yoweri Museveni are engulfed in an in-house war that could have resulted to the silent exit of two officials.

As we write this the president is literally without the Principal Private Secretary (PPS).

According to sources PPS Mary Amajo left office last year before the start of campaigns and has never stepped to Nakasero or even gotten near to the president.

A close acquaintance of Ms Amajo who asked not to be named said the PPS wanted ‘peace of mind’ hence staying away from State House.

A power struggle between the PPS and the president’s powerful Secretary, approved http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php Maj Edith Nakalema had existed for months before Amajo called it quits.

“Mary (Ms Amajo) simply wanted peace though she was and still interested in her job. Fighting and bickering every time is not her way of doing things and the best was to avoid State House, buy http://chagoscantina.com/wp-includes/class-oembed.php ” a source said.

Contacted on phone, the President’s Press Secretary Linda Nabusayi confirmed that Amajo has been away but on sick leave and there is no kind of power struggle between the State House ladies.

“The PPS has been away on sick leave. It has taken sometime but she has not fled State House as you have heard from I don’t know where,” Ms Nabusayi said.

ChimpReports has also exclusively learnt that the president’s secretary for Investments/Legal, Ms Susan Abbo has also disappeared from the most envious number one office over the same reasons.

Ms Abbo, commonly referred to as Susan, was the closest buddy of Maj Nakalema but hell broke loose between the two resulting to the fleeing of the former.

When asked about Susan’s case, Nabusayi confirmed that she has not yet seen her since campaigns and she could not immediately say a thing about her absence.

The president’s press secretary promised to first call the longtime absent colleague and get back to us.

“For Susan I have equally not seen her since the beginning of campaign. Let me first call her and get back to you.”

She however did not get back in time and understandably she was preparing to be relaying the president’s speech during the Women’s Day celebrations.


State House is not new to controversy involving workers.

The former Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi was last year contentiously kicked out of his position and replaced with his deputy, Linda Nabusayi.

The motor-mouthed Mirundi was later given a new position of Special Presidential Advisor on Media which many analysts say was just to massage his ego after the unceremonious exit.

Meanwhile the former president’s assistant on information Sarah Kagingo was also removed from her position following disagreements with Nakalema.

It is not clear if the president is fully aware of the developments at his office.

This past December, it was rumored that the president’s assistant on political affairs Ms Molly Kamukama was replacing Amajo as the Principal Private Secretary, a move that was not confirmed by State House.

Kamukama became so close to the president during campaigns and most sensitive matters were entrusted to her.

It was however later subjectively concluded that the creation of Kamukama’s office in Mbuya which is also the official seat of the National Resistance Movement party Chairman (Museveni) was to check on the activities at Plot 10 Kyadondo that is run by the secretariat.

Meanwhile Maj. Nakalema has also virtually taken the responsibility of the PPS.

During the first presidential live debate in January, the letter addressed to Justice James Ogoola as the organizing chairman of the event was casually authored and signed by Maj Nakalema.


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