Christians Run Out of Patience for Central Busoga Bishop

Anglican faithful christians in the new proposed diocese of Central Busoga have vowed to demonstrate if the archbishop does not prevail over the election of their inaugural bishop as per the set programme of the province.

The angry Christians believe there is foreplay in the process of electing their inaugural bishop that must be protested and condemned.

This, cialis 40mg after the house of Bishops meeting at Uganda Christian University Mukono on Wednesday 1st June failed to the third time to elect and announce the inaugural bishop of central Busoga Diocese based in Iganga.

“The Electoral College had submitted the two names from whom a Bishop would be elected but only to be stunned by silence about central Busoga as the provincial secretary announced the election of Bishops for west Buganda and Bunyoro Kitara. Surely what has gone wrong with our diocese, this time round the archbishop himself should explain this and take urgent, appropriate action otherwise, they have betrayed us” Titus Bagalya, a member of Kiyunga archdeaconry council said.

He added that a section of Christians was considering abandoning the Anglican Church or locking some major churches if the province fails to give an alternative to the impasse.

“Another alternative is to stop giving offertory and contributing towards the consecration that never comes” a lady clad in mothers union gomesi who preferred anonymity at St John’s Kiyunga archdeaconry added.

Sources intimated to our reporter that some Christians of All Saints Church Iganga, on Sunday carried placards demanding the province to keep their hands off Busoga affairs but were immediately seized by
church leaders.

The inaugural Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese was supposed to be enthroned and consecrated on November 1, last year but the two attempts by the Electoral College to submit the two names of
candidates from whom a bishop would be chosen were all rejected citing what the then, now retired bishop Dr Michael Kyomya referred to as “technical error”

The then chancellor who presided over the two flopped nominations, Prof David Justin Bakibinga resigned citing lack of support from the house of bishops.

According to this year’s provincial roadmap, the inauguration and consecration of the first bishop of central Busoga is set for November 6 this year at All Saints Church-CMS Iganga.

When contacted, the diocesan chancellor, also chairman of the Electoral College, Moses Wagira was non-committal to divulging any information.

“The two names were submitted, don’t ask me more questions to that effect” he said before hanging up.


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