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Boda Boda Riders in Campaign Against Child Violence

Bodaboda riders have been urged to be at the forefront of ensuring communities are free from any form of child violence.

The call was made by the Assistant Inspector General of Police Asuman Mugenyi on Thursday afternoon at a function where bodaboda riders joined the police force in a campaign to be on the lookout for perpetrators of domestic violence among communities.

“A country without trees is destined to become a desert and in this case the children are our trees. We need to ensure they are treated well in our communities or the future of our country is not bright, click http://decksplushouston.com/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/tooltips.php ” Mugenyi said on Thursday at the Railway grounds in Kampala.

He noted that most of the children on the streets and those engaged in criminality and drug abuse are as a result of violence and abuses right from their homes.

Boda boda riders donning 'prevention of child violence' jackets.

Boda boda riders donning ‘prevention of child violence’ jackets.

Mugenyi cited the 2015 police report which indicated that fathers are the most perpetuators of violence against children.

“Bodabodas are used by almost all people going for work and doing other businesses. If we engage them so they can carry the message in communities about ending child violence then we can benefit as a country.”

According to Raising Voices Initiative, order the organization in charge of ensuring communities are free from child violence, stuff the campaign by bodabodas would help them engage passengers in conversations about ending violence which would help reduce the vice.

“The idea behind the campaign is that the reflector jackets and the messages inscribed on provide the hook for bodaboda riders to engage in conversations that start a process of reflection and discussion about the issue,” said the senior programs Officer, Raising Voices Initiative, Peter Bahemuka.

He noted that they have rolled out a program to distribute over 10,000 reflector jackets to riders in the districts of Kabarole, Luweero, Lira, Wakiso and Kampala.

He said these would carry the message that would help reduce violence against children in the respective communities.


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