Africa is Not Poor, says Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed preparedness to respond to the court petition in which his former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi challenges the results of last month’s presidential elections.

Museveni was last evening served with court papers of the election petition lodged by Independent contestant Mbabazi at the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

In the petition, this Museveni who is accused together with the Attorney General and Independent Electoral Commission is expected within three days to file his defense on a number of issues that Mbabazi says “grossly undermined the electoral processes.”

The EC is accused of noncompliance to the electoral laws and guidelines to the effect that they “declared a wrong winner” while Museveni is accused of a number of electoral crimes which include voter bribery, threats of violence, abusive language, arbitrary arrests of candidates and supporters of opponents as well as forced disappearances.

Upon receiving the court papers which were served to him at State House in Entebbe, Museveni said he was ready and fully prepared to make a response to the accusations within the constitutionally specified days.

“The NRM restored rule of law and will therefore ensure it is observed to the letter,” he said.

The hearing of the case is expected to commence on Monday next week, where according to court registrar Tom Chemtai, 9 Supreme Court judges are expected to take part in the hearing and determination of the matter.

It is understood that President Museveni has prepared a team of 40 eminent lawyers in Kampala who are expected to defend his election victory at the court.

This website understands that Museveni has all along expected a court battle, thus allowing his lawyers to start preparations to argue his case.

Planning meetings kicked off last year before presidential campaigns following intelligence that Mbabazi had started gathering evidence for a classic court action against Museveni.

One of Museveni’s lawyers, Hussein Kashillingi, said they are yet to receive the petition but quickly added that, “Once served, we shall promptly file the necessary responses in accordance with the law.”

He emphasized: “We are ready as a team of about 40 lawyers and have been working as a team for the party since before the primaries. The matter is now before the courts; let’s allow them to do their work without public interruption.”

President Museveni has said Africa has no poverty but lacks development, look Chimp Corps report.

The President made the remarks on Thursday at Tengeru, this web Arusha in Tanzania during the launch of the construction of the 234-kilometer Arusha – Holili / Taveta- Voi road that links Tanzania with Kenya.

The ceremony took place on the sidelines of the just concluded 17th East African Community Summit.

“Africa has got no poverty but lacks development. There are lots of resources without development. The people are not fully utilizing their talents as some are suffering from ill health, ” he observed.

President Museveni told the gathering that there are 4 major sectors that run a modern economy, namely agriculture, industries, services and ICT.

He reiterated that when “we talk about Africa’s development; we need to refer to the production sectors.”

He, therefore, observed that the main challenge is that Africa has been asleep adding that when Africa wakes up, there will be a lot of production.

Mr Museveni further remarked that the market for Uganda’s products is within the East African Community and that by having the community; it helps to add up the purchasing power of wananchi.

He reminded them that a customer is his friend because he purchases what he produces. He said that the customers are friends because they enable wealth creation.

President Museveni noted that there was need to celebrate over the new road linking Tanzania and Kenya because it will go a long way in easing transport between Arusha in Tanzania and Mombasa in Kenya.

He commended the Tanzanian Government for building the roads leading to Uganda adding that it was good for one to travel from Kampala to Dar-es-Salaam without using murram roads.

He, therefore, stressed that the road project is an organ that will promote the market in the region. He conveyed greetings from wananchi of Uganda to the leaders and people of Tanzania.

Magufuli speaks

The host, President John Pombe Magufuli, said that the people do not need parties but good lives, income and prosperity. The issue of a few rich people amidst a huge number of poor ones, must stop, he stressed.

He expressed his pleasure over the developments in South Sudan where President Salva Kiir and Mr. Riek Machar have reached an agreement and prayed that they do not resume conflicts.

He called on the leaders and the people at large to identify mistakes and correct them. He called on the citizens of the East African Community (EAC) region to be calm and work towards development.

President Magufuli further said that Africa must work for industrialization as part of the measures to ensure employment and development. He called on the people to stop sectarianism and thanked the EAC leaders for electing him their new Chairman.


President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya observed that the day was important day for the wananchi of East Africa. He said that the road project is testimony that the East African Community is developing and that the duty of the Governments is to enable wananchi do their businesses without barriers.

The Kenyan leader said that the leaders want to remove the borders and give the people freedom of movement. He strongly criticized the export of raw materials and reiterated that we must add value to our products and help enhance the development of our people.

In his comments, the Vice-President of South Sudan, Mr. James Wani Iga, thanked the people of Tanzania for electing President Magufuli whom he described as a great man.

He saluted him for his commitment to the eradication of corruption. He also congratulated the people of Uganda for their wise decision in electing President Museveni whom he described as a big asset of the East African Community.

He saluted the EAC leadership for deciding to admit South Sudan into the regional economic bloc.

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