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Mbuya Barracks Attack Probe Incomplete

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Two UPDF soldiers accused of orchestrating the raid, Lieutenant Augustine Moro and Private Okello Kalokwera and one private security guard- Ivan Ebong appeared before the military court on April 11 for the hearing of their case.

They are being accused of attacking the military installation on March 4, 2013 while armed and with aim of obtaining guns.

It is alleged they assaulted a guard identified as Corporal Stephen Ojako during the attack.

The state prosecution side led by Captain Fredrick Kangwamu asked court to “provide us with more time to finalize the investigations in the matter.”

Chaired by Brigadier Fred Tolit, court adjourned the hearing to April 17.

Lt Moro and Kalokwera were remanded back to Makindye military barracks while Ivan was sent to Kigo Government prison.

Shortly after the incident, then army spokesperson Col Felix Kulayigye issued a statement, saying, “What happened at Mbuya was an attempt by thugs to snatch a rifle from a sentry/ guard and not an attack as reported in some sections of the media.”

He added: “The soldier was alert and as a result did what he was trained to do and killed one of the thieves arresting the others 03 in number.”

Kulayigye said it was “instructive to note that an attack would have involved a deliberate and sustained exchange of fire from the alleged attackers and the defenders,” adding, “This was not the case.”

He emphasized it “was the guard that short the thugs led by a deserter and the guard executed his job very well, harvesting two thugs.”

Kulayigye noted that “Mbuya is no longer a barracks in the real sense of the term; but rather a facility in transition and that is why the deserter had hoped to get some guns to steal for criminal purposes.”

“What happened in Mbuya was an isolated criminal act whose actual intestines will be established with investigations and the public will be informed,” he said, adding, “Ugandans should be reassured that the UPDF has defended you for 27 years, defended our democracy, defended your democratic rights to determine your destiny and we have enjoyed tremendous support from you.”

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