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Family Planning: A Good Health Starts With A Good Life

seek http://cyberstudio.biz/main/modules/mod_k2_tools/tmpl/search.php geneva;”>Our Chimp Corp interacted with some medical personalities who elaborated more on how using family panning methods can ensure a healthy family.

Family planning means a conscious effort by couples or individuals to regulate the number of children and spacing of childbirths by using a family planning method of their own choice. This is done through natural and mechanical methods.

Under mechanical methods there is use of oral contraception (pills), condoms, injectable contraceptives, virginal methods, norplant implants, intra uterine devices (IDUs), female sterilization and vasectomy.

While interacting with clients at Kisenyi KCC Health Centre who use family planning methods, our Chimp Corp discovered that family planning has helped many people to have a smaller and manageable family size which has ensured good education and health.

Also a woman can recover fully from delivery and it helps to reduce on the number of unplanned for pregnancies.

Though family planning has contributed positively to many families, it also has a negative side effect. Some clients at Health Centre revealed that they experience nausea, a change in appetite, weight gain (few lose weight), dizziness, prolonged bleeding, headache, breast tenderness and discharge, change in menstrual cycle, irregular periods among others.

However, Dr. Flavia Namatovu from Marie Stopes Uganda in Wandegeya said common changes women face while using family planning methods depend on if one is stressed, has blood pressure or is on a balanced diet. She said all methods of family planning named above are more effective when used correctly and consistently. “Small changes do happen but they are not continuously,” she added.

Namatovu said once one is on family planning and then stops, she will still be fertile, “It can be used by all ages from when one is an adolescent to when they hit menopause.”

Therefore all ladies are encourged to use family planning since Uganda is among the top developing countries with a high population so that we can have a better living with manageable families.

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