Lukwago Faces Protest, 12 Arrested

medical geneva;”>The activists say they want Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to come out and explain his alleged role in fraudulent multi-million deals.

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ampoule geneva;”>This followed the publication of a story on February 18 in which Lukwago was accused together with 17 others of illegally collecting over sh3.8b from the city abattoir and disobeying a court order.

“Lukwago and his group have allegedly been collecting the money from October 2011 and by December 2012 when the Resident City Commissioner, Mpimbaza Hashaka intervened, they were believed to have collected over sh3.3b,” New Vision reported.

“The interim order is against a group of 18 people led by Lukwago who are allegedly illegally collecting over sh8m from the city abattoir on a daily basis. There is no accountability for all monies collected since October 19, 2011,” Hashaka revealed in a letter to the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, according to the daily.

Lukwago has since accused Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga of conspiring to taint his image.

“Dear friends, it is now obvious that Mr. Kabushenga is bent on using the state-owned Vision Group to malign and character-assassinate me,” said Lukwago in a brief statement.

He observed Kabushenga’s motives include “to inter-alia divert public attention from the on-going parliamentary probe.”

The Mayor added: “I have already taken a decision to drag them to court should they fail to retract these fabricated stories within four days.”

Kampala District Police Commander James Ruhweza said the activists were holding an illegal rally in the city.

“We are investigating the real motive of this gathering. What if they wanted to attack the Mayor?” wondered Ruhweza.

Recently, New Vision further reported the Inspector General of Government (IGG) was probing Lukwago following a formal complaint that he obtained money and other material benefits from a Chinese company, Foton East Africa Ltd, suppliers of buses, garbage trucks and lorries.

This complaint by the Chinese company claims Lukwago’s political assistants and confidantes obtained large sums of money in return for his authorization of the construction of a motor vehicle showroom.

“Sources told New Vision that the Chinese company facilitated Lukwago to travel to China where he assured the management that as Mayor he was going to exercise his authority to ensure the procurement of 100 garbage trucks and 300 buses to be used for public transport in Kampala,” the newspaper reported.

The facilitation for the China trip reportedly included air tickets, lavish hotel accommodation and generous spending allowances to a big delegation of Lukwago’s political and business associates, including deputy Mayor Sulaiman Kidandala, Councilor Allan Sewanyana and Sarah Kanyike (Lukwago’s political assistant).

The Inspectorate of Government, according to New Vision, acknowledged receipt of the complaint and said investigations into the allegations had started.

Lukwago, who has been on the frontline against corruption and what he terms as “NRM bad governance,” concluded: “I wish also to assure u that this red herring shall not derail us.”


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