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Museveni Struggles To Get Chief Bodyguard

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Having served faithfully and with unquestionable loyalty for four years, Mbadi was subsequently appointed Commander of the Gulu-based 4th Division.

It took almost a month for Mbadi to effectively take on his new assignment.

Military sources have now told Chimpreports Museveni is now relying on Mbadi’s three juniors as the core of his last security ring.

“The search for the President’s main bodyguard is still on. A proper ADC is yet to be identified because guarding the President’s life is a very sensitive job,” a source said.

Some of senior army officers who have acted as ADCs to President Museveni include departed Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) commander, Maj Gen Fred Rwigyema, Captain Stuart Agaba, Col. Akanga Byaruhanga and Capt. Innocent Bisangwa.

Bisangwa lost his job after being arrested in the U.S for involvement in purchase of TOW missiles.

Others are former military intelligence boss and now Chief executive Officer Luweero Defence Industries, Brig. James Mugira who replaced Bisangwa; former Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brigadier Geoffrey Muheesi and Colonel Sam Kavuma.

Sources say Museveni is one who does not take risks about his life, having accumulated enemies since the 1970s when he started guerilla activities.

Museveni has been involved in several wars right from the FRELIMO days in Mozambique, to Tanzania during the fight against the Amin dictatorship, the formation of NRA and subsequent capture of Kampala; the DRC conflict in the 1990s; the SPLA war against Khartoum; the war against Kony in DRC and later Central Africa Republic.

Museveni has also worked towards the pacification of Somalia by deploying UPDF troops to combat the Al Shabaab insurgents.

Throughout this period, Museveni’s enemies have been greater than ever. Sources say this one of the reasons why he maintains the well equipped and adequately funded elite Special Forces Group (SFG) under Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba.

The SFG comprises most of the best and battle-hardened combatants in the UPDF. The commanders have seen the best war colleges including Fort Leavenworth, China Military Academy and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Some of qualities expected of Museveni’s bodyguard include integrity, honesty, dependability or trustworthiness, good judgment and must not drink alcohol.

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