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EC Ready For Kamuli, Kween By-Elections

website http://claps-sante.fr/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/captcha.php geneva;”>These by–elections are to take place on November 29 in their respective districts.

Kiggundu assured the journalists that there will be enough security to ensure there is no chaos. “Security has been intensified and it will be in every electoral area for the well being of everyone,” he said.

He said that following the nominations, in Kamuli, eight candidates were successfully nominated to contest for District Chairperson and ten for various seat levels in the lower councils. While in Kween, five candidates were duly nominated to contest for district Chairperson and forty three (43) for various seat levels at the lower Local Government Councils.

He also said that the commission will dispatch the polling kits for Kamuli and Kween on Tuesday 27 November, 2012. “Candidates who may wish to deploy their agents overnight at the sub counties are advised to present their (Identifiable agents) names to the returning officers, latest 28th November 2012 for accreditation,” he emphasized.

Kiggundu informed the press that from 19th to 29th October, 2012, the Commission conducted a Display of the Voter’s Register and a Public Display of deletion/inclusion for a period of six days from 31st October to 5th November 2012 at Parish Level.

“In Kamuli, total number of Voters before display/update was 170,700, after display was 175,892 and the total number of Voters for polling Day is 170,851. In Kween, total number before Display/Update was 35,883, after display, 39,081 and Voters for Polling Day is 37,452,” said Kiggundu.

He emphasized that the Commission has made arrangements to accredit observers from Political Parties who have expressed interest to observe the by-election. “The Commission will provide all those accredited with an identification tag for the purpose of observing the electoral process and Police has been notified to enforce this regulation,” said Kiggundu.

He further stressed that to avoid congestion at polling station, each political party/candidate is advised to appoint a maximum of two agents per polling station. “They will be required to present appointment letters from the respective political parties/candidates to the presiding officer,” he said.

The Electoral Commission has established a query desk at each tally centre at Kamuli Youth Centre and at the Returning Officer’s Office in Kween district.

The candidates nominated for District Chaiperson , Kamuli district include Fred Bamutire,Dhizala Kaloli, Charles Isanga, Fred Kamaniro, Tom Kategere, Michael Kifubagabo, Ibrahim Mbadhi and Salaamu Musumba.

Nominated candidates for district Chairperson Kween District include, Paul Kapchemeiko, Alex Labu, Tom Chemusto, Nelson Chelimo and Jackson Mwanga.

He concluded by appealing to everyone to ensure there is a peaceful approach at these by-elections.

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