Why Bebe Cool Is Uganda’s No.1 Musician

cure http://cdcsmiles.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater.php geneva;”>Experts have finally decided on who to brand the biggest among the three musicians.

page http://daisho.ca/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-phase1.php geneva;”>Singer Mosess Ssali alias Bebe Cool ‘Munenemunene’ has been named Uganda’s most talented musician according to experts in the entertainment industry.

online geneva;”>Our sources revealed that Bebe Cool stands out amongst Uganda’s top artistes because of his amazing music talent, educative lyrics and very entertaining performances.

Matter of fact, music analysts reveal that Bebe Cool won this year’s ‘Kamwako’ launch, because he attracted a bigger crowd compared to his nemeses Chameleone and Bobi Wine whose shows were at Obligatto and Kyadondo respectively.

According to the survey made by our ChimpCorps, indicates that Bebe Cool’s fans are mostly elite up-class citizens of the nation, compared to Bobi and Chameleon’s, who are mostly characterized by the down town hooligans.

In addition to that, fans reveal that Bebe Cool is more lyrically mature than Chameleone and Bobi Wine, on top of him appealing to an international market. This has led to Bebe being an overly acclaimed artiste amongst Ugandans in the Diaspora and across the African continent.

Bebe has the most loyal fan base in Gagamel Phamily

What was started as a simple fan club by his fans, the Gagamel Phamily club is the now the most loyal and successful. They have on several occasions met and helped out each other when in the time of need.

Guys like Jona Iga and Richard kleberson have made sure Bebe’s social network pages are gammed with both updates and uploading his latest pictures. In fact Bebe Cool on both Face book and twitter is the most popular and active of the three rival musicians this year,.

Why Bebe Cools music rocks and Lasts

To be fair, this year has been the worst for singer Bobi Wine. If it wasn’t for the lucky Tu Gambiire Ku Jennifer hit song, there would be nothing to write home about him. Even his swag show the Omubanda wa kabaka and his rumored purchase of a luxury Cruise created very little impact that it even forced some sponsors to pull out of the show.

Whereas Jose Chameleone, he tried out his lack with Valu Valu and Moto Moto promotion but it did not do very well. If it wasn’t for Jk Kazoora under his Buddies company which contracted him to be part of the just concluded crown beverages Moto Moto Promotions, Chameleone would be rated as a failed music project this year.

Then there is Bebe Cool who hasn’t churned or hummed to his smash hit Kamwako just to mention one. He has learnt how to bring the best out of him if we are to go by the songs he nailed it this year.

Gagamel Band takes Over from Leone Island and Fire Base

Just a few years ago Bobi wine had the best crew in the country with names like Henry Tigan, Nubian lee, Killer Man among others while the Leone Island crew had amazing talent in Young Mulo, D’Ziza, AK 47 and Papa Cidy.

Bobi Wine trailed in the entertainment business

None of those talents could compete single handedly with Gagamel’s extra ordinary singing ability and talent of Rhema of the Oliwange fame.

His Gagamel Band with multi-talented personalities like Rinex who skill on the keyboard is one to die for. Bebe Cool’s band if better equipped and in position maintain the crew he has, he is bound to give the likes of Drumexx, Quella , Afrigo and Eagles bands a run for their money.

He now boosts of a personal band and doesn’t rely on CD back up play or people who don’t belong to him.

Chameleone and Bebe Cool ride high on Endorsements

If anyone was under estimating Bebe Cool this year they better think twice. Even with a lot of legal issues to handle, thanks to the shooting, he has finally come good when it comes to inking big deals, the latest being with Hema Water beverage company which deal we hear is a multimillion shilling.

Bebe Cool with Jose Chameleone during the old goo days

Next in line is Jose Chameleone with his Moto Moto deal which we hear was also a multimillion venture but will not be able to beat Bebe Cool’s which will be running for a renewable twelve months period. Then the completion of his mansion is finally back on course.

As for Bobi Wine, he only remains with his Omubanda wa kabaka project and may be the loss making Busabala beach investment.

Chameleone Won the Tour Battle This Year

There is no other Musician among these three who has had several overseas stints to entertain Ugandans in the diaspora and East Africa like Jose Chameleone.

The singer has had several tours this year though some where rated as just house parties whereas Bebe Cool came out and told us that he had been advised by his doctors to keep clear of long Air travel routes the truth must be told that it’s Chameleone who carried the mantle this year.

Bebe Cool is our Artiste of the Year

Having consulted several personalities like Emma and Kevin Mutyaaba some of the top event overseers in the country, they concurred that indeed its Bebe Cool. Although he didn’t manage to fill up Kyadondo grounds, he was the people’s best Musician this year with a spirited heart for charity.

And who are we to say otherwise.


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