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Congo Star Koffi Olomide Jailed

and http://cosmeticluxus.com/wp-includes/class-oembed.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Koffi appeared on the same day in the Court of flagrancy of Gombe peace for assault charges. The judge decided to keep him in custody.

The hearing resumes on Thursday 16 August with the pleadings and the indictment.

He was arrested Wednesday at Ndiaye music studio. Koffi is accused of assaulting and battering Diego Music Lubaki and malicious destruction of hotel facilities where the incident occurred.

Koffi and his producer had misunderstandings resulting from a debt of Euros 3000 he owed his producer. However, Diego told Gombe court that Koffi owed him Euros 6,000.

During the fight, the door to hotel room and some of Lubaki Diego property were damaged.

Three witnesses, all employees of the Hotel Venus, made their depositions against Koffi. But their testimony has been inconsistent.

The first two said they saw the head of the orchestra Latin Quarter administer a kick at Diego Lubaki, saying he was arguing a suitcase belonging to the producer.

The third witness, the manager of the hotel, said she had seen Koffi walking up to the room in which Diego Lubaki stayed without being reported to the reception.

The first two witnesses had said they had seen Koffi taking the elevator to reach Diego’s room. The incident occurred around 10 am.

However, faced with this contradiction, the defense testified there was no evidence and called for his client’s innocence.

The courtroom was packed. Several artists, journalists and supporters of Koffi stormed the Prosecutor General of the Republic when they learned of the arrest of the head of the Latin Quarter.

Two of Koffi’s fans were arrested for disrupting the audience loudly manifesting their support for Koffi.

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