Somalia, Kenya Diplomatic Ties Begin to Falter

remedy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Somalis in Kenya have been facing hardships due to the ongoing security operation by the Kenyan forces that has resulted in mass detentions.

symptoms geneva; font-size: small;”>The same operation led to the arrest of the Political Consular at the Somali Embassy in Kenya, Siyad Mohamud Shire, which the Somali Federal Government finds to be a violation of diplomatic convention.

The Somali Cabinet has repeatedly discussed the condition of the Somali citizens in Kenya, according to a statement released by Abdirashid Muse, a Press Officer, Office of the Prime Minister.

The Somali government sent a request to the relevant agencies in the Kenyan government to approach the ongoing security operation in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of innocent Somalis in Kenya.

The Prime Minister’s meeting with the Somali Ambassador follows an Extraordinary Meeting of Cabinet on Saturday evening at which the cabinet discussed the situation of in Kenya.

“The Federal Government of Somalia continues to expresses serious concerns over the detention of law abiding Somali citizens in Kenya. The majority of Somalis living in Kenya are peace-loving citizens, with many significantly contributing to the Kenyan economy,” the Prime Minister noted.

“The Somali government has been in constant communication with the Kenyan Government on these detentions and would like to see the government of Kenya make every effort to ensure the protection of innocent Somali citizens.”

He added: “The Somali government also seeks an official response from the Kenyan Government on the arrest of the Somali Consular to Kenya, Siyad Mohamud Shire, which is a serious violation of diplomatic immunity.”

He pointed out that both governments share the same security concerns, but the continued detention of innocent Somalis only serves to create an atmosphere of fear and mistrust that will result in dividing the two communities.

“We have always had strong relations between our two nations, and we acknowledge and appreciate Kenya’s continued support to Somalia. Both governments must continue to work together in our efforts to secure our nations from the threat of terrorism.”

Recently, following a blast in Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya police rounded 657 Somalis and threw them into detention.

A short while afterwards, more 400 Somalis were rounded and detained in relation to the same blast.

Yet more and more Somalis continue to get arrested or deported for every incident that happens in Kenya.

The trend has highly alarmed the government of Somalia threatening the fragile relations between the two countries.

Kenya is among African countries that sent forces to Somalia under AMISOM to preserve peace in the capital Mogadishu.

However, the Al Shabaab insurgents who accuse Kenya of sabotaging their activities opened a campaign to terrorise the East African country.

They are remembered for the massive Westgate Mall attack that left scores dead and many more small scale attacks.


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