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Police Warn Holidaymakers On Kidnappers

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While congratulating students upon completing the first term of this year, order the police Deputy Public Relations Officer, check SP. Polly Namaye, warned students against accepting free gifts from strangers.

“For criminals are over there waiting for unsuspecting people like you students to kill you off, some for ritual purposes, gang rapists who may kill the victim to destroy evidence; remember prevention is better than cure,” Namaye said in a statement.

Namaye further appealed to holidaymakers to avoid unnecessary movements, but in case they would wish to move out, they should move in a group and above all inform family members of where one is going and with whom one is going.

“Holiday is time to interact with your parents, and we hope that as students you are going to take this opportunity to contribute positively to your families; keep your mind sharp over the break by offering to read your books, news papers to keep abreast of current affairs and above all avoid dangerous places like; night clubs, betting halls, video halls, Bars among others.”


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