Agriculture Ministry Warns On Animal Rights

doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Addressing journalists at the media center, search the state minister for Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries Bright Rwamirama explained that this year’s focus is to link veterinary services and animal welfare through animal value chain.

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Rwamirama highlighted animal welfare and the role of veterinarians in line with the world animal health organisation standards and great contribution of veterinarians to animal welfare around the globe.

Basing on the unfair treatment of animals like domestic dogs, cats, cows, goats among others, the minister revealed that government has to come up with laws against cruel practice on animals.

He further revealed that through lawful intervention, government would sue all those who abuse animal rights through overloading them in trucks, denying them food, lining them in court when caught destroying plantations or causing them any unnecessary suffering.

Quoting the Animal Prevention of Cruelty Act 1957 cap 39 and Animal Disease Act 1964, Rwamirama explained that the penalties prescribed are not deterrent enough adding that it’s the reason people have continuously abused them.

“The ministry is working hard to update the existing laws that cater for animal welfare that will see all those who mistreat and abuse animal welfare penalized,” Rwamirama noted.

According section 2 of the Act the offences of cruelty are defined as beating, kicking, overriding and over loading of animals, torturing or permitting any animal to be used unreasonably or causing any unnecessary suffering.

The Act further grants the minister powers to grant and develop a license to perform and direct the performance under the Act on contravention.

On this, Rwamirama revealed that the ministry has already advanced in the structure of the special police and they have changed it to Agricultural police and not Uganda police.

The World Veterinary Day under the theme the theme “Animal Welfare” that was selected by the World Veterinary Association and the world animal health organisation is aimed at enabling the public to reflect on the importance of the veterinary population and the role of veterinary persons to human and animals health and welfare.

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