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MP Ruhunda Under Fire Over Museveni “Empty” Pledges

viagra http://compspoultry.com.au/wp-includes/locale.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The ugly episode occurred during a consultative NRM local leaders conference on the MPs’ resolution to endorse President Yoweriorder http://ciencialili.org/libraries/joomla/client/ftp.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”> Museveni as the sole presidential candidate for the general elections in 2016.

The conference that attracted NRM chairpersons of local council I & IIs and their executive committees was held at S.D.A Hall in West division, Fort Portal municipality on Wednesday.

Hon. Ruhunda explained to the disgruntled leaders that NRM MPs passed a resolution to endorse President Museveni to avoid conflicts in the party during the elections.

“The Kyankwanzi resolution followed Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi’s reports that he was intending to contest against Museveni which was going to cause more chaos in the party,” Ruhunda went on.

Ruhunda also told the leaders that the NRM government had brought peace, rural electrification, water, constructed schools and good roads among others social and economic services.

Tempers rise

His utterances, however, sparked off anger amongst the NRM local council leaders who blasted him for “bootlicking” a government that had totally neglected them, their activities and also undermined the local council committees set at village level.

The aggrieved members tasked Hon. Ruhunda to explain why the NRM government has for the past years undermined their activities and yet they are very vital in mobilising support for President Museveni.

Florence Kabahweza, a member from Kibimba village in West division expressed her disappointment in the NRM government that only considers local committees during election time.

Justus Tusiime, a youth leader from Kagote, said President Museveni has not supported their activities and yet the youth constitute the biggest percent of the population and are the core structures of the NRM.

In his response, MP Ruhunda tried to convince the members that government had not neglected them.

“The president had plans of fulfilling your pledges he made during the 2011 elections. Government was considering the youth through the Youth Livelihood Programme which will benefit all the youth at parish level and even the student loan scheme.”

After much efforts and a lengthy explanation, the members resolved to support President Museveni as the only NRM party presidential candidate in the 2106 general elections.


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