DP Decries Bribery In ID Enrolment Exercise

what is ed sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While speaking to journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala, Mwesigwa, said despite the illegality of the composition of LC1, the leaders have continued to grab money from residents for several documents and transactions that are meant to be free.

“Local council chiefs in different places in the country are always demanding huge sums of money for petty documents like recommendations, village identity cards, burial letters, entering a case and signing on documents such as passport forms and bank account forms,” Mwesigwa complained.

On the other hand, Mwesigwa has condemned the move by enrolment officers for the National Identity cards in Kabale district who are now asking money from residents who turn up the registration exercise.

“We have received reports from DP members and other residents from Kabale informing us that they are requested to pay between Shs 5000 to Shs 10, 000 in the name of selling them birth certificates.”

Mwesigwa noted that enrolment officers have made it a mandatory payment by every resident who wants to be registered to have a birth certificate.

“I’m worried this might take the well intended exercise into another unfruitful venture since some residents have now decided to abandon it.”

He advised that if the birth certificate is so crucial, government should also come out and offer them free of charge to every Ugandan so as to ease the national registration exercise.

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