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LRA Rebels Launch Attacks Near Nambia, Congo

tadalafil http://conforms.com/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While the attacks seemed to subside during the last week of February and into early March, http://chipinhead.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/polldaddy.php LRA activity has again spiked in the Nambia area.


An 18-year-old Congolese man going from Bangadi to Nambia was ambushed by two armed LRA forces who had with them six children, three of whom were girls.

All of these children were under 15 years old. The assailants wore camouflage military unifroms and spoke Acholi. The LRA looted food and batteries for small electonics that the victim was carrying on his bike.

MARCH 14TH: Two men were out hunting 12km west of Nambia, when two armed LRA ambushed the hunters.

The hunters were able to escape but were forced to abandon their bicycles.

The two LRA then proceeded to ambush 16 Congolese civilians who were returning from fishing.

The LRA stole an empty bucket and a flashlight and told the group of 16 they were only looking for food.

MARCH 24TH-25TH: A group of LRA, suspected to be 14 in number, attacked a community 10km south of Nambia. The LRA group abducted a Congolese man and looted food and non-food items from a dozen of households.

The same group proceeded to attack Bimbo, a village 9 km southwest of Nambia.

The LRA group looted a household, and then attempted to abduct a boy who was saved by his father.

MARCH 25TH: LRA forces reportedly attacked Bamunga, just 7km from Nambia.

A civilian managed to escape from Bamunga and relayed this information to IC radio operators in a neighbouring community.

FARDC forces based in Nambia went to the reported location of the attack.

MARCH 27TH: An unknown number of LRA forces looted the household of a 45-year-old Congolese civilian in Bamunga—the third LRA incident in the village in less than a week.

Items looted include paddy, groundnuts, cassava flour and money. After the looting, the assailants left in the same direction in which they arrived, east of Bamunga, and crossed the Galamulo river.

They were armed, dressed in camouflage military uniforms, some speaking a poor Lingala and others speaking Acholi.

Separate from these attacks were also a string of reported LRA sighting by civilians in the Nambia-Ngbangala area between March 13-27.

What’s being done about it

Before Invisible Childrens’ Early Warning Network (EWN) was established in the LRA-affected areas of central Africa, LRA campaigns such as the ongoing one in Nambia (and ones much worse) went on without any communication about the violence to the outside world-let alone intervention.

Now, the EWN not only allows communities to communicate amongst one another to warn of LRA attacks, but it alerts security forces to LRA activity in order to better protect vulnearable populations.

As a result of the information about the Nambia-Ngbangala attacks over the past couple months security forces have deployed to the affected area.

However, so far the response has not been adequate to curb the violence, and Invisible Children is urging all counter-LRA security forces to take more substantial action to protect civilians in the Haut-Uele district of DRC.

(Invisible Children)


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