Divas Daisy, Naava Out Love Song

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“Both of us are representing where we come from in the song. It is also a sign of sisterhood.”

Daisy dedicates the song to God and all “my lovely fans”.

Asked on what inspired the two to compose this song, Daisy says “love inspired the writing of this song”.


She also notes that a few more collabos are coming through.

“But I will be releasing more singles soon.”

In addition to music, Daisy is also trying out starting movie acting.

“As I speak, I have a leading role in a Telenova series (Reverend Haji) which is coming soon. So, my fans can get to see the other side of me.”

She started singing as s young girl in Nakawa Baptist Children’s Choir before joining Aroma Band.

She started by releasing her single titled Lady, last year followed by the massive Teko.

Her co-singer in “Always” Susan Nava (born July 17, 1988), who uses her surname ‘Naava’ in her music career, is a Ugandan media personality and recording artist.


She originally became known around East Africa with a lifestyle show on the region’s biggest television network.

She has been known to drop a rap verse on different mixtapes every now and then but currently, she is working on a solo project titled “The Flygirl Chronicles.”


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