Sejusa Edges Closer To Losing MP Seat

viagra 60mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Speaker ordered Sejusa to appear in Parliament, dosage where he represents the army, tomorrow.

In the Parliament plenary session on Tuesday, Kadaga announced to the house that Sejusa is neither doing parliamentary work nor working for the UPDF.

She therefore noted that there is no reason to give him more 90 days leave.

”I have consulted the Chief of defense forces who told me that Hon. Sejusa is not performing their duties and he is also doing nothing for Parliament; his request for three months is not granted,” explained Kadaga.

According to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure that govern the conduct of legislators, “Except with the permission of the Speaker, a Member shall not absent himself or herself from fifteen or more sittings of the House during any period when the House is continuously meeting.”

Sejusa had asked Kadaga to extend his leave for three more months, a move that was protested by the army.

However, army publicist, Paddy Ankunda UPDF was “watching closely to see if Kadaga will allow a UPDF fugitive who has declared war on Uganda will continue benefitting from such Parliamentary privileges.”

The speaker who is said have undergone an enormous pressure from the executive over the exiled General also ordered that Sejusa should appear in the next parliamentary session on Wednesday if he still wants to be among the 10 members of representing the army in Parliament.

“Hon Sejusa should also attend the sitting tomorrow if he is an interested member of Parliament representing the army; if not we shall treat him otherwise,” Kadaga added.

The former coordinator national intelligence flew the country in April after authoring a controversial letter requesting for an investigations about plans to terminate senior government officials and army officers who were opposed to the rise of Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba’s rise to presidency.

Government vehemently denied the so-called Muhoozi project.

It also accused Sejusa of spreading harmful propaganda instead of addressing his personal issues through “proper and well known channels.”

Sejusa’s views

In a missive authored last week, Sejusa charged: “On the question of leaving Parliament, it goes to the bottom of our struggle against that abuser, Mr Museveni. He thinks he is the state and the state is him. So when you tell him to stop stealing or killing or breaking the law, it is equated to treason.”

“So we must allow his abrogation of the Constitution to continue and abuse of our people should go unchallenged! This is unacceptable to the people of Uganda. It is that we reject. If I am to leave Parliament, the law must be followed to the letter. No to do so would be to allow Mr Museveni continue playing God.”

The Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala recently told the Parliamentary Defence Committee that the army was reviewing the law to determine whether Gen Sejusa should stay as the army representative in Parliament.

“Gen Sejusa is a deserter according to the UPDF Act. We have requested the UPDF legal advisor to interpret the law on Sejusa’s case. We really want to know if the law permits to replace Gen Sejusa’s Parliament seat and appoint another soldier,” said Katumba.

Sejusa lives in London where he continues to use international media platforms to attack President Museveni whom he accuses of dictatorship and promoting a life presidency.

The General said he had presidential ambitions and that he would do everything in his means to ensure the removal of President Museveni from power.

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