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Grief as Keza Is Laid To Rest

viagra http://cro.vimspectrum.ro/components/com_k2/templates/default/item.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Keza was in July brutally murdered by her former Ugandan partner, ed David Kikaawa at her apartment in London.

check geneva;”>However, the body could not immediately be flown to Kigali due to investigations in the murder.

It was not until last week that a coffin containing Keza’s remains was received at Kigali International Airport.

A memorial service was held in Kigali on Friday where grief-struck relatives and friends paid their last respects before Keza’s burial.

The deceased’s brother, Jack Hodari, remarked: “Linah Tumu Keza, no way, you are not the one lying in that white thing called casket, you are not the one with those ugly marks of stabs on your body (including face).”

“You are not the one making everyone cry, no way I can’t believe it, my eyes stop playing mind games on me. My Linah is in UK, she is yet to fulfill what she promised me, she is not one I saw here yesterday. Oh my eyes stop leaking. Oh I want to scream!”

Kikaawa is currently is behind bars in London on charges of murder.


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