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Kayihura: I Only Have 350 Acres Of Land

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In a debate on the popular Ugandans At Heart (UAH) platform, Kayihura on Friday said he did not even own a house in the country, not even at his country home in Kisoro.

Chimpreports could independently verify Kayihura’s claims considering he is thought to be residing in a plush residence in Muyenga, an affluent suburb of Kampala.

Another posh house was also recently erected at his home in Kisoro which observers say cost around shs400m.

The Police boss denies all these reports as untrue.

“The house I stay in Muyenga is rented from someone by the Police as the terms and conditions of service of IGP provide that he or she shall be accommodated. Whoever says I have a house in Kololo is really mocking me,” said Kayihura in response to a question on reports that he was accumulating wealth.

He, however, admits that he carries out some farming where earns revenue apart from the police salary.

“Yes, I have a goat project in Kabula I began in 1992 on a 160 acre piece of land that over the years I have been adding small pieces from neighbours which is now 350 acres. Because of lack of time and capital, it is limping, at the moment I think it has about 500 goats, at rate they have never reached 1,000,” says Kayihura.

He added: “You are free to visit it. And those people calling me a mercenary simply do not know me. And you can detect just hatred and prejudice. I repeat I have no mansion or a kiosk in Kampala or anywhere else including my home in Kisoro, unless of course they take the two- room cabin at the farm in Kabila as a mansion.”

“Incidentally, am not proud of it. Surely, at my age you should expect me to own a decent home. But it is ok, God is there as they say.’’

This is the first time Kayihura is speaking out publicly about his wealth.

The revelation also points to the seriousness with which Kayihura takes online media in this digital age.

The Police chief is a regular participant on online platforms.

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